It’s more than a hair cut! 

Main Street Barber Shop was established in the summer of 2011 by Ed Beckett. With support from his wife, Melissa, and the rest of his family, the shops identity began to mold. One chair in operation was soon followed by needing a second. As the shop grew, the building around it needed major repairs. The historical building and barber shop underwent major renovations after the first year headed by Ed’s father. With a lot of TLC, the building became a new space to call home. Main Street Barber Shop began to thrive.

At our barber shop, we want your hair cut to be a great experience. Enjoy a cup of Noble fresh roasted coffee, hot or cold. Relax in our comfortable chairs, chat with friends or use the wi-fi while you wait for your cut. We offer several products and apparel for sale as well.

The experience at Main St. is far beyond other present day barber shops. The biggest and most important difference is the quality of our service. A great haircut is a must, but also giving everyone a comfortable, relaxing, and positive environment to enjoy is also what we provide. Old traditions of first haircuts, and seeing the team before game day or the grooms for the wedding, are all experienced here. Our shop is for all ages, all styles, and the best experience possible.

Thank you to everyone who have stuck by us and supported us to be what we are today.